International Cycling Tour : Deutch cyclist Cannister Goldwynn is third lap winner


Cannister Goldwynn, Deutch cyclist from the Global Cycling team took the lead during the third lap of the International cycling tour on 2nd June 2024.

He was among a trio heading to the finish line at the same speed. In the last seconds of the race, Goldwynn overpowered his two competitors, and crossed the finish line first.

Cannister Goldwynn completed the Garoua close circuit race in 2hours 30minutes 10seconds.

The Deutch won the third lap after completing the Garoua close circuit race in 2hours 30minutes 10seconds.

Morrocan Cyclist, El Otmany Mehdi finished the lap on the second spot and French cyclist Clain Médéric occupied the third spot. They both finished the race in 2 hours 30minutes 10 seconds.

Despite the Deutch’s victory, Clovis Kamzong Abossolo remains holder of the yellow jersey. He finished the race at the 10th position on the general classification chart as best Cameroonian cyclist of the lap.

The lap was tougher for five cyclists who encountered mechanical failures during the race. Boudar Zaki from Algeria, Loukou Kouakou Alexis from Côte d’Ivoire Tellier Jean Philippe from France, Ande Kouadio Emmanuel Adebayor from Côte d’Ivoire and Elgharysy Youssef from Morocco all experienced mechanical problems along the way. All the five cyclists benefited from the same time of the peloton at the time of the incident, regardless.

Sunday’s lap in Garoua marked the end of the first phase of the competition. The president of the Cameroon Cycling federation Honoré Yossi, expressed satisfaction with the first phase of the tour which took place in the North and Far North regions.

“ This was a good lap because Cameroonian cyclists are going back with the yellow Jersey. Cameroonian cyclists put up a strong boundary which made it difficult for anyone else to take the lead. It has been a good race,” Honoré Yossi, President of the Cameroon Cycling federation said.

The cyclists, sports directors and other race officials have flown to YAOUNDE to prepare for the fourth lap which will take place on 4th June from Bangangte-Foumbot -Bafoussam on a distance of 83km.

Kathy Neba Sina

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