International Cycling Tour : Algerian Cyclist Mimouni Oussama declared winner of second lap


The college of race commissioners for the competition declared Mimouni Oussama Abdallah winner after a consultation meeting held at the end of the race.

The second lap of the race from Figuil-Garoua on 1st June was perturbed by torrential rains which left the pathways flooded and nearly impossible for cyclists to continue biking. Shortly after the kick off, cyclists were taken aback by a heavy downpour in Figuil which did not cease even after  they got to the finish line at the Garoua ceremonial ground.

Mimouni Oussama Abdallah was declared winner of the second lap after a consultation meeting of race commissioners

Completely drenched by the heavy downpour that lasted for over three hours, the cyclists managed to ride through flooded pathways, and slowed down by a heavy fog that covered the roads.

The Figuil-Garoua stretch covered a distance of 102.7km, but the unfavorable weather conditions forced the timekeeper to stop timing 92km into the race.

At 10km to the finish line, Max MICHAUD, president of the race commissioners ordered the discontinuation of the race. The decision notwithstanding, conferred the yellow jersey to Clovis Kamzong Abossolo, winner of the first lap of the race.

The race commissioners then held a meeting whose outcome was the announcement of the winner of the lap, in the person of Algeria’s Mimouni Oussama Abdallah. He  came first within the first two hours 16 minutes, 30 seconds of the race, and was consequently declared  winner of the lap. Oussama had an hourly average speed of 40.44 km per hour, closely followed by his compatriots Megnouche Hamza in the 2nd position, Ben Youcef Abdallah in the 3rd position and Sahiri Ayoub in the 4th position.

Meanwhile, Cameroonian cyclist, Kamzong Clovis Abossolo, winner of the first lap who retained the yellow jersey had a cumulative time of 5 hours 18 Minutes 53 seconds. He was followed on the classification chart by three Algerians ; Mimouni Oussama Abdellah in the 2nd position, Ben Youcef Abdullah in the 3rd position and Sahiri Ayoub in the fourth 4th position. The three Algerians each have a cumulative time of three hours , one minute, 3 seconds , at least two hours behind the holder of the yellow jersey.

Mimouni Oussama, winner of the second lap of the tour is followed by Clovis Kamzong Abossolo and Kuéré Nounawé Rodrigue, with a coverage time of two hours 10 seconds each in this lap.

The third lap, a closed circuit race that covers a distance of 99, 2 km will take place on Sunday 2nd June 2024 in Garoua.

Kathy Neba Sina

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