International Cycling Tour of Cameroon : Thirty-three Cyclists from Nine Teams Battle for Yellow Jersey


Thirty-three cyclists from 8 national cycling teams have begun competing for the yellow jersey at the 20th International Cycling Tour of Cameroon which kicked off on 31st May in Maroua.

The cycling teams are from France, Holland, Cote D’ivore, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Algeria and Cameroon.

All 9 participating teams were presented in a ceremony at the Maroua ceremonial ground on 30th May, presided over by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi.

He called on the cyclists to uphold good sportsmanship as they engage in the race “which has become a festive event that promotes the image of Cameroon and its touristic attractions”.

The fight for the yellow jersey begins during the first lap of the race; the Maroua-Mora-Maroua stretch which covers a distance of 131km.

33 Cyclists, 9 teams, 8 countries

A total of of 33 cyclists constituting 9 teams from 8 countries; 2 from Europe and 6 from Africa are taking part in the 20th edition of the International Cycling Tour of Cameroon.

The French National Cycling team,
UFUSPORT is represented at the competition by five cyclists ; Clain Mederiv David, Lerosey Usage Lerosey-Laurent, Mehdi Pierre Jackie Fabrice, Kwiatkowaski Grexegorz Jan, and Tellier Jean Philippe.

Holland’s Global Cycling Team is competing with 6 cyclists; Tigelaar Jan Waltherus, Van Beurden Niels, Hartog Thomas, Parmentier Tycho Jannes, Betten Johan, and Cannister Goldwynn Yustyn Divino.

Six cyclists from Algeria’s national cycling team are also taking part in the competition. They are; Benyoucef Abdallah, Mimouni Oussama Abdellah, Boudar Zaki, Badlis Slimane, Sahiri Ayoub and Megnouche Hamza.

The National Cycling team of Cote D’Ivoire has five cyclists; Cisse Isiaka, Ande Kouadio Emmanuel, Loukou Kouakou Alexis, Ouattara Syndou, and Ouattara Ali.

Senegal’s national cycling team is seeking the yellow jersey with the help of six cyclists ; Sow Nar, Fam Serigne Abdou Rahim, Seye Amsatou, Fall Abdoulaye, Thiaw Cheikh, and Faye Lamine.

Five cyclists from Morocco’s national cycling team made it to Cameroon for the race. They include; Ait Elattar Mohammed, Daoudi Marwane, Elgharysy Youssef, Mahroug Kamal, Echahed Ahmed, and El Otmany Mehdi.

Burkina Faso’s national cycling team counts six Burkinabé cycling warriors ; Daumont Paul, Yameogo Saturnin, Soulama Daouda, Bouda Wahabou, Mouni Vincent and Ilboudo Mohamadi.

Cameroon is competing for the yellow jersey with two teams; the National cycling team and the SNH Velo Club, made up of 12 cyclists. The SNH velo club is comprised of Kamzong Clovis Abossolo, Tella Artuce Jodele, Kuere Nounawe Rodrigue Eric, Kossoko Sadikou Jeremie, Atchetkuenyinyi Aurelien and Fotsing Claude Harold. Meanwhile the Cameroon national cycling team is made up of Tientcheu Michel Boris, Njonkoue Ivan, Mekem Tsakou Jordan, Nguegium Steve Auriol, Chofor Fabrice and Fouafack Bertol.

As the first lap of the race begins, Cameroonian cyclists and captain of SNH Velo Club and the Cameroon Cycling team, Clovis Kamzong Abessolo, hopes his team will bypass the odds to grab the yellow jersey at the end of this lap.

“My team and I are hopeful that the anthem of Cameroon will be sung in Maroua at the end of the first lap. We have been in Maroua for sometime now to acquaint ourselves with the climate, and we think everything will go on as planned.”

The cyclists have been racing through the town of Maroua for about four hours now, and the winner of the first lap of the 20th International Cycling Tour of Cameroon will soon be known.

Kathy Neba Sina

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