ANTIC Enhances the Capacity of DNS Administrators for Quality Internet in Cameroon


Seeking durable solutions to enable worldwide users access millions of websites, online services and applications that shape our daily lives was one of the main objectives of 5-day capacity building workshop on Domain Name System, DNS organised by the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies, ANTIC with high level experts and participants from telecommunications companies, regulatory institutions, « .cm » and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

The 4th edition of the capacity workshop organised in Douala delved on assisting Cameroonian network administrators on the essentials of the DNS which translates human-readable domain names into machine-readable IP address

Addressing the participants, the Director General of ANTIC, Professor Ebot Enot Enaw said beyond the essential functions, the DNS plays a crucial role in the stability of the Internet, reason why it is imperative for key players in the Internet ecosystems to fully master the functioning of the DNS, and be able to deploy, configure and secure its functioning

Improper deployments and configurations of DNS servers have potential disastrous consequences for businesses , government and individuals. These dysfunctions are always invisible to the public but negatively affect the online experience users, limit access to valuable resources such as education, health or online government services

The ANTIC boss noted that the objective of the workshop was to strengthen operational capacities of participants to sustainably resolve DNS malfunctions and ensure smooth , secure access to online content and services for all Cameroonians

The collaboration with globally renowned experts from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN, an organisation charged with coordinating DNS Worldwide provided a leeway for the people behind the benches to be schooled on in-depth knowledge on DNS functions, its security threats and best practices for effective deploying and configuring the domain system

The weeklong platform enabled the trainees to grasp rich and varied information on basics of DNS to advanced operations of country servers Top-Level Code Domain registers including DNS data security and credential management

The capability building workshop that was attended amongst others representatives the Cameroon Internet Exchange Point,CAMIX  was a midpoint for participants to take a commitment to  work for the digital development of the nation through a robust, secured and accessible internet infrastructure

Benly Anchunda

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