Minawao Camp: 78 Thousand Refugees Integrated in Mainstream Activities


Refugees at the Minawao Camp in Mokolo subdivision of the Mayo Tsanaga have joined their peers nationwide to celebrate world refugee day.

Celebrations in the Minawao camp were placed under the banner of living together as the local population expressed their will to continuously welcome the refugees who for the most are coming from neighboring Nigeria.

According to officials from the UNHCR the close to 78 thousand refugees have successfully integrated as they are now able to carry out income generating activities like the fabrication of ecological charcoal and other activities to ease livelihood.

Speaking during the ceremony to celebrate the 24th edition of the world refugee day, the personal representative of the Senior Divisional Officer of the Mayo Tsanaga, Sali Inaba said the event comes to mark government commitment to continuously support those that have been residing at the camp for close to 11 years now.

On the sidelines of the celebration, some women who took part in a football competition organised ahead of the celebration were distinguished.

Some Workers of NGOs advocating for the wellbeing of refugees in Cameroon were also distinguished for their commitment.

Faith Ngwang

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