Fighting Terrorism: USA Salutes Cameroon’s Efforts


The United States of America has thanked the government of Cameroon for her commitment in fighting against terrorism in The Lake Chad Region.

The words of gratitude were presented to the Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute in Yaounde, during an audience he accorded a delegation of representatives from The US Congress.

The delegation was led by French Hill, and Christine Houlahan who both serve on The House oversight Committee on Intelligence.
They were led to the star building by the US Ambassador to Cameroon, Christopher John Lamora.

French Hill, member of The US House Oversight Committee on Intelligence told The Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute that they came to acknowledge Cameroon’s commitment in the fight against terrorism.

The audience also set the stage for the two parties to make an overview of the relations between Cameroon and The United States of America, established since 1960.

The Head of Government thanked the US government for efforts made over the years to train generations of Cameroonians.

He said the country remains grateful for the US contribution in controlling malaria and other communicable diseases.

Christian Che Atam

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